Facts and Questions

What are Pavers?

Concrete pavers made in the U.S. have to meet ASTM C936 standards of 8,000 psi of compressive strength, absorption rate no great than 5%, and 50 freeze-thaw cycles with average material loss not to exceed 1%, and abrasion test.

What type of Paver do I need?

Pavers can be installed for patios, walkways, driveways, and permeable applications. Depending on its intended use, pavers are manufactured with various thicknesses and sizes.

What are hardscapes?

Hardscapes, also called Outdoor Living, are any nonliving or man made areas of a planned outdoor space.

Do I need a Landscape Design?

Landscape designs play a very crucial role in a new landscape. A landscape design helps customers and installers work toward a specific planned goal. Without the proper planning and layouts the customer could inherit some unforeseen cost associated with their project.

What is a 3D Design?

A 3D Design also know as three dimensional design, gives the customer an effective visual of their project before work commences. 3D Designs give the installer and customer a chance to work out any intricate details before they arise during the project.

What are Retaining Walls?

Retaining Walls are hardscape structures designed and constructed to retain existing soils or help create usable areas. Retaining Wall material can be segmental block, masonry built rock, or large boulders.

Do I need an Outdoor Kitchen Designer?

Depending on the size of a customer family and entertaining accommodations, Outdoor Kitchen Designers can be very helpful. Not only with the help of appliances that go into the outdoor kitchen, but also help tying the outdoor kitchen in to the architecture of the home. Kitchen designers will create multiple areas, while retaining the cooks needed space.

When are the best times to plan for my outdoor space?

During the winter months are the best time to plan for a new space. This gives your designer ample time to provide you with a very detailed design and the time frame to have you enjoying your space when spring arrives.

Do I need permits for my Outdoor Living Area?

YES its the law. If your new space has any new structures, footers, or changes the topography within your set backs and easements.

How long does it take to construct an Outdoor Living Space?

This time frame could range from 6 days to 1 month and longer. Depending on the size of the project and accessibility of the area. Your designer will be able to give you an estimated time frame to complete the project.