Pavers Vs. Concrete, Choosing The Right Surface

Pavers Vs. Concrete, Choosing The Right Surface

When deciding on a new patio, pool deck, driveway, or walkway, the question arises as to what material to use? Here’s a helpful guide to narrow down your choice.


  • Pavers have an average compression strength of 8,000 psi or greater
  • Pavers have an interlocking design and are set in a sand bed to achieve maximum interlocking strength
  • Pavers interlock three different ways. Horizontal, Vertical, and Rotational
  • Pavers are easily replaced and matched up to the existing color on hand
  • Pavers can easily be removed for new sleeves or utilities
  • Very easy to DIY
  • Great tensile strength


  • Concrete typically being ordered by contractors between 3,500 and 4,500 psi.
  • Concrete using patch work or cutting damaged sections out and having discoloration from the different pours.
  • Cracking is a feature not a flat
  • Different batches of concrete may be different colors
  • More complex to DIY
  • Great compressive strength
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